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Planning 101:

For successful law firms, failing to develop an annual business and marketing plan won’t likely result in the firm’s demise. But it could be argued that firms that “fail to…
Digital Marketing, Websites

7 Tips for a Better Website

Whether you’re creating a new website from scratch or simply updating your existing site, these seven…
Press Releases, Public Relations

4 Reasons to Issue a News Release

Although much has changed in the world of law firm PR and marketing in the last few decades, the news release remains one of the most potent vehicles for getting…
Content Marketing

Celebrating your Successes

Androvett Legal Media & Marketing works exclusively with law firms to increase their visibility through public relations, marketing and advertising, while supporting their attorneys and clients in media interactions.
Crisis Communications, Public Relations

How to Handle a PR Crisis

Before we discuss how we handled this situation, let’s talk about some of the elements that come into play when you’re dealing with a crisis.
Reputation Management

What to Do When a Partner Leaves

If approached from the proper perspective, the amicable departure of a firm member does not necessarily have to be a negative event.
Advertising, Public Relations

Lessons from 20 Years of Legal Marketing

When Androvett Legal Media & Marketing opened its doors 20 years ago, lawyer advertising had been legal for only 18 years and the Internet was still in its toddlerhood.
Brochures & Print Collateral

Print is Not Necessarily Passé

Living in a digital world, are there still advantages to using the “non-traditional” direct mail and print media to connect with existing and potential clients?
Branding, Brochures & Print Collateral

How to Build a Better Business Card

Despite our tendency to focus on technology, the noble business card is still a core aspect of our professional existences.
Advertising, Marketing

Marketing your Law Firm’s Defense Practice

Headlines announcing multimillion-dollar verdicts are not uncommon, but how do you gain publicity for a defense win in a civil case or when the case is dismissed months before trial?
Content Marketing, Press Releases

Finding a Home for your Bylined Article

Writing an article under your byline for a daily newspaper or a business, legal or industry publication can be an effective way to showcase your expertise.

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