Remote Video Do’s and Don’ts

As more people are working from home and conducting interviews on their laptops, we’re going to show you how to capture a video/interview using your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

In this brief “how-to,” we will cover the basics for setting up and shooting video at home or remotely. Even if you’re not doing an interview, you may be on a Zoom call or Google chat with clients and co-workers — you can use these tips to look polished and professional for video conferencing.

#1 Setting


  • Choose a room that is quiet. 

  • Place yourself in front of a nice bookcase or wall art that isn’t too distracting. 

  • Make sure your surroundings are clean.



  • Set up in the busiest room.  

  • Have objects in the background appear to stick out from your head. 

  • Leave your desk or workspace a mess. 

#2 Lighting


  • Place lighting behind your laptop screen so the light is facing you.

  • Use the natural lighting in your office or room

  • Turn on all lights in the room, but again, make sure the lights are facing you.


  • Place the light above or directly behind you. 

  • Place the light directly next to you.

  • Sit directly in front of an open window. The camera will adjust and create a shadow. 

#3 Audio


  • Make sure audio is clear.

  • Test the audio before your interview. 

  • Consider investing in a microphone to pin on your tie, dress or suit.

  • Position yourself in a room with carpet, which can absorb an echo.  


  • Position yourself in an empty, hollow room.  

  • Speak too loudly when you are talking in an interview. 

  • Put yourself in a room with noise. 

# 4 Positioning


  • Keep the laptop camera at eye level or slightly above.

  • Place books underneath your laptop to prop it up.

  • Look at the camera on your laptop and make sure you are centered with the camera. 


  • Place the laptop camera below you so that people are looking up at your nose. 

  • Place the laptop camera above eye level so that you are looking up awkwardly at the camera. 

  • Position your laptop camera too close to your face or at an angle. 

#5 Distractions


  • Silence your cell phone, television and background music. 

  • Avoid having any pets or children in the room. 

  • Sit in a quiet area.


  • Have any pets, children or adults walking in the background. 

  • Interrupt the interview to answer a call. 

  • Sit in an area that is loud and noisy. 

#6 Appearance


  • Wear solid-color clothing.

  • Fix your hair.

  • Wear simple jewelry and/or straighten your tie.


  • Roll out of bed and jump on camera.

  • Wear patterned clothing or ties with a lot of detail.

  • Put on big, sparkly jewelry.

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