Preparing for your Professional Headshot

Law firms are moving away from traditional headshot photos for websites and promotional materials. Instead, they’re relying on a series of environmental photo backgrounds, full body–length images, candid poses and other techniques that can add distinction and a degree of personality. With some careful planning, you can still come away from a single photo shoot with both a traditional pose and a selection of photos that reflect a little more style.

Regardless of your firm’s needs, here are some tips to consider before stepping in front of the lens:

1. Avoid clothing with a busy pattern or an outfit that looks overly seasonal.
Patterns may not look good in some photo formats and can draw attention away from your face, and dressing out of season can make you look out of date. Classic year-round styling, muted patterns and solid colors are likely to work best.

2. Make sure your clothing is comfortable, well-pressed and fits properly.
Even your favorite shirt, blouse or jacket won’t look good if it’s too big or too tight. If preparing for an afternoon photo session, consider bringing an extra set of clothing to change into right before the photo shoot to reduce the effect of wrinkling or the trauma of a lunchtime spill.

3. Keep jewelry to a minimum.
The large wristwatch or ring, dangling earrings or an ornate necklace can be distracting.

4. Be prepared to be photographed head-to-toe and in color.
This means wearing your best pair of shoes and getting them polished. You should also consider how full color versions of your photos will look even if the firm’s intent is to use black and white images.

5. Consider bringing optional clothing choices including neckties and accessories.
This will help you better determine with the photographer what works best in the lighting and environment. Doing so may also avoid repetition or duplication with other members of the firm.

6. Be prepared to perform any touch-ups on site.
Ladies, apply make-up as you would normally, but bring it with you just in case, as well as any hair products you use. Gentlemen, if you are prone to a 5 o’clock shadow and are being photographed in the afternoon, consider bringing shaving gear for a quick touch-up.

7. Speaking of hair, try to schedule any haircut a week or so before the photo session.
Give yourself some time to ensure you like your haircut and avoid the just trimmed look.

With just a little planning and forethought, you can look your best and get through your photo shoot with a minimum of fuss.

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