Media Relations

You’re talented, you’re smart, and your organization does work that people are interested in. Why aren’t you telling more people about it? Let us help. We know how to talk to reporters and get your message out to the world.

It helps that several members of the Androvett team spent years working as reporters. We understand what drives the news cycle, and we leverage that knowledge to get you the placement and exposure with the highest value possible.

We do this by driving the media to you. Reporters are constantly looking for new stories, and often approach us looking for experts and knowledgeable voices on a range of local and national issues. We connect them with you. Often, we’ll create content reporters find valuable. Once those connections have been made, we push them out your website, social media, email lists, and a range of other platforms, dictated by your specific goals.

Other aspects of successful media relations strategies include crisis communications, news releases, media training, and litigation PR. As you might have guessed, we can help in these areas as well, and will show you how to incorporate each of those into the work you do.

Are you ready to get started?