Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have become so ingrained in our lives we often don’t realize how much time we spend scrolling through, liking, and commenting on what’s coming across our screens. The funny thing is, despite the huge role social media plays in all our lives, many businesses are unable to draw the line from cat videos to customers.

Your social media plan should begin with a simple question: Who are you trying to reach and what do you want them to do? Fine. Two questions. Answers to these will serve as the foundation of your social media strategy and help us determine exactly how we can best help you achieve your goals.

  • Lead generation: We can help bring potential clients to your website so they can learn more about the services you offer.
  • Content creation: Whether it’s a blog post, a white paper, or a video, content is what you use to engage your audience.
  • Social media auditing: We take a look at what you’re doing and make recommendations on how to punch things up. For example, take a look at a Power Point presentation we’ve created for the law firms we work with: LinkedIn for Lawyers.
  • Community building & social media management: We’re here to engage with your audience and make sure general interest turns into a viable lead.
  • Talent recruitment: Say your business is trying to recruit the top talent from a particular school. We can reach those students to make sure the word gets out.
  • Promotion: It’s okay to toot your own horn every now and then. Let your audience know what’s happening in your world.
  • Telling your side of the story: Traditional media may be missing or ignoring an important aspect to your story, and social channels can help you get that message out.

It may take some work finding the right #platform to get the #results you’re looking for, but we’re here to help get the job done. #tooblessedtobestressed

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