Anything you do to promote your business can reasonably be defined as marketing. While some may see this as a pretty broad area, we’ve found that many define it far too narrowly. Placing an ad in a newspaper is a pretty obvious example, but so is pitching a reporter to write about an initiative your business is involved in.

A good-looking and informative website is a powerful marketing tool, but so is having a spokesperson who can confidently and competently speak about the work you do. A company Facebook page? Marketing. A crisis communications plan? Marketing. Taking your employees out for Taco Tuesday? Well, that’s just being a good boss. But leaving a business card in the fishbowl beside the front register? Marketing.

Many look to the creative side of an agency such as ours to help assess its marketing needs, and are surprised to learn about the many ways in which our public relations team can help them as well. In addition, we bring added value to the table by offering our clients insights into specialized fields that must adhere to strict professional standards and guidelines, such as lawyers, accountants and doctors.

How can we help you? For some of our clients, we serve as a Virtual Marketing Officer, taking on all of their marketing initiatives. For others, we work as support for an in-house team. We can do the same for you. Drop us a line, and let’s work together to help your business succeed.

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