Mark Annick

Senior Vice President of News and Public Relations

Mark Annick believes that just about anything is a story.

That’s based on many years – back when he had darker hair – as a reporter, and an almost equal number now in PR, where his job involves helping clients tell the stories they’d like people to hear, and sometimes showing them how to avoid those stories they would prefer the world not know about. Or at the very least, showing them how to prepare for those stories and then reduce their impact.

“There is always something you can say. My job is to help you figure out what that something is and how to say it well.”

Mark’s career in the business of storytelling began as a kid delivering The Boston Globe and continued through stints in print, radio and television news. His “kid in a candy store” moment came when he began working as a correspondent for the Discovery networks, for programming involving airplanes, of all things.

Nowadays, one of his favorite fun things to do involves PR strategy, moving those figurative chess pieces around on the board, getting a sense of what other moves are likely to happen in the game, and then positioning his client to have the best chance to win.

Did you know?
  • “Annick” is actually a shortened version of Mark’s very long Italian last name.
  • His favorite playlist includes Sinatra, Ray Charles, B.B. King, and Pavarotti.

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