If you are like a lot of us, you probably listen to at least one podcast and maybe you are wondering how you can leverage podcasting to amplify your practice.

A podcast helps you diversify your content strategy, position yourself as an authority in your practice, build your personal brand and expand your network through audio. Providing information and insight that others appreciate and value can help you attract new clients and generate networking opportunities.

Podcasts are humanizing and provide a controlled platform for your message and expertise. Sharing thought leadership is key for lawyers and podcasting can help you connect with your audience and allow them to view you as a real person, with knowledge they can use.

We can help you craft and capture your message, develop your podcast from the ground up, share the equipment you’ll need to sound professional and utilize the content across each of your platforms. You can create video to pair with your audio, embed the podcast onto your website and develop social media posts based on the podcast content you create.

Get in touch and we can discuss how to make podcasts a part of your marketing strategy. And check out Androvett’s own podcast “Keep It Legal,” available anywhere you get your podcasts.

Are you ready to get started?