Keep It Legal Podcast EP 2 – Truck & Roll

On this episode of Keep It Legal, we sat down with trucking attorney Seth McCloskey to discuss what some trucking companies are doing wrong to contribute to the national increase in truck wrecks and supply chain issues.

Studies show there has been a steady increase in truck wrecks each year since 2009.

Mr. McCloskey of the Law Offices of Laird & McCloskey in Fort Worth says Texas is a huge hub for 18-wheeler crashes due to the major highway systems and port locations throughout the state.

His advice for drivers: “Stay back. When 18-wheelers put 75 feet of space between them and the car in front of them in heavy traffic, they are not doing that for you to cut in and take up space. They do that because it’s hard to stop an 80,000 pound rig. Make yourself known, only pass when safe and back off.”

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