Thompson & Knight’s Richard Roper on KDFW FOX 4

Former Dallas leader Larry Duncan gets probation in Dallas County Schools corruption case

Published April 9, 2019

After the sentencing of ousted DCS president Larry Duncan, concerns were raised that the sentence was less than that of former DCS board member Dwaine Caraway. Former federal prosecutor Richard Roper says the outcome may look suspicious, but the sentencing was based on the charges presented, which differed between the two men.

“It certainly would merit further investigation,” he said. “I would assume the FBI and U.S. attorney’s office did pursue those leads and didn’t feel comfortable pursuing a public corruption charge against him.”

Roper says judges’ hands are tied in a case like this. They must rule only on the evidence before them. Prosecutors did argue that Duncan’s tax evasion sentence should be enhanced as a matter of public corruption.

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