Houston Chronicle Interviews Lanier Law Firm’s Larry Wilson on KMCO Lawsuit

Lawsuit: KMCO officials aware of valve leak before chemical plant explosion

Published April 8, 2019

Three contractors working at the KMCO plant in Crosby when it erupted into flames filed suit Monday, saying company officials knew about a leak before the blaze. The workers — Aurelio Campos, Jose Flores and Noe Flores — were injured in the fire, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit does not describe the extent of their injuries, but their attorney, Larry Wilson, said at least one of them hurt his back and shoulder when he was thrown off a bicycle from the force of the blast.

The three were part of an insulation crew from an industrial services company on their third day of work, Wilson said.

The lawsuit, filed by the Lanier and Alexander law firms, alleges negligence by the company, including a failure to maintain a safe work environment and properly train employees.

Read the entire story in the Houston Chronicle.

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