Gruber Elrod Attorney Laura Fontaine Explains Possible Reasons Why Iowa Judge Cut Weil’s Legal Fees

Weil’s Fee Gutting in Iowa Leads to ‘Bargain-Basement’ Billing Concerns

Laura Fontaine, a Dallas-based bankruptcy lawyer with Gruber Elrod Johansen Hail Shank, said a lack of proportion between the financial stakes and the fees being sought likely drove the judge’s decision. That’s just optically—even if they were the most meritorious fees in the world—that’s going to be  difficult for the judge to swallow, she said. Fontaine said she believed Shodeen was unlikely to allow what she decided was an over-secured lender to drive the case, adding, “the bank showed up with a bazooka to a water gun fight.

Read the entire article in the New York Law Journal (subscription required).

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