3 Tips for Lawyers Looking for Clients for Their Law Firm

There are thousands of lawyers looking for clients for their office. That is why it is so important to gather resources and strategies that lead us to better results, right? This post is not to attract traffic or potential clients, but to close sales when you have already managed to get them to contact you or visit your office. Lawyers looking for new clients for their firm will find it useful.

In this sense, you have to know that a good commercial program, a good marketing strategy will lead people potentially interested in hiring you to your office, but it will not make them hire you. Marketing generates sales opportunities for the lawyer, but they will be of little use if the firm does not have a sales vocation.

Ask your law firm marketing agency specialist to leave the sale ready for you, but understand that it is you who will have to close it.

Lawyers looking for clients: tips

1. Reassure your client. If you make it, he buys you
When a person goes to a lawyer it is because he needs immediate help. Ask yourself what is he looking for? A legal specialist? No, that has already been found. What he seeks is tranquility, the priority of everyone who has a problem. Reducing his anxiety is the key. If you get it, you get the customer.

It is obvious that you have to tell him the truth about his problem. But if it has good prospects, or at least it can be partially fixed, emphasize in phrases such as:

  • Don’t worry, what you’re telling me has a solution (and then you explain which one).
  • It is a delicate matter, but it has a solution (and you tell it).
  • Ok, I understand your concern and I have good news: we are closer than you think to the solution (and tell him).

The calmness of a client when leaving a law firm is directly proportional to the probability of hiring it. Ask the best pr firms for law firms for advice.

2. Easy. Very easy
Make it easy for your future client.

The brands that work best today provide you with a very simple purchase process.

The law firms have to apply the same criteria.

  • You bring me this and this documentation and that’s it
  • I take care of everything
  • I got this
  • We solve it
  • We will inform you in a couple of days
  • You don’t need to worry because we call you and send reports when there is news…
  • We will talk to the other party
  • You do not have to do anything

When your potential client listens to these types of messages, they release dopamine. Is happy.

3. Be realistic
Marketing firms Dallas Texas always advice to tell him clearly how likely it is that it will work out in his best interest or not, or fall somewhere in between.

This is not at odds with taking away anxiety (whatever the possibilities are, they increase in his favor with a lawyer) or with making it easy for him (you take care of everything whatever the problem).

But think that a good client is one that brings you new clients tomorrow (referred) because of how happy he has been with your service. If from the beginning we separate the quality of the service from the final result, explaining to what extent it depends on your work and to what extent it depends on the opinion of the judge (or on factors that we cannot control) the feeling of customer experience will be decidedly unbeatable.

Consult with a marketing firm for attorneys to plan a successful marketing plan.

Are you ready to get started?