Rhonda Reddick

Public Relations Manager

Rhonda’s most important job at Androvett is to act as the consummate wingwoman. That is, to make the connections that help spread the word out about her clients’ good work.

It’s a role that comes naturally to the journalism-mass communications graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Rhonda has always enjoyed hearing other people’s stories, and identifying the details that give them greater context.

  “If you don’t let someone know, it’s like it never happened.”

As a former newspaper reporter and editor, there was a time when nothing was more thrilling for Rhonda than seeing her name on those stories. But since joining Androvett in 2000, she prefers to see her clients in the spotlight. Whether it’s an attorney securing a landmark court win or someone establishing an endowment at their alma mater, helping to make sure those stories are shared is what she loves most about her work.

Did you know?
  • Rhonda, a regular platelet donor, has surpassed the 30-gallon lifetime mark. She still fears blood and hates needles.
  • An avid traveler, Rhonda prefers road trips, and will drive hours out of her way on the promise of a quirky roadside attraction.

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