Women’s History Month

Androvett Legal Media & Marketing is proud to work with clients who celebrate Women’s History Month each March, recognizing the remarkable contributions of women in the legal profession and beyond.   


Estes Thorne Ewing & Payne Celebrating Women Who Made History

The partners at Estes Thorne Ewing & Payne chose to honor women who inspired and encouraged them through their words and work.  The firm highlighted Eleanor Roosevelt, Bonnie Garmus, Pat Benatar and Maya Angelou and placed social media posts on its Facebook and LinkedIn platforms celebrating each woman and their achievements.  Our team assisted with overall design of the social graphics and content.

The Women of Moody Law Group

The firm recognized Women’s History Month by highlighting its own women attorneys in a social media video. Their video was shared on the firm’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Our team helped developed the concept behind the video.

Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton Honors Its Own

During Women’s History Month, the firm highlighted 12 women and their successes through social media posts that were placed on the firm’s LinkedIn channel as well as videos with the attorneys discussing their achievements. Our team assisted with the graphic design of the videos, the interviews and the social media graphics and drafted the text to pair with the graphics.

Hicks Thomas Of Counsel Women

Hicks Thomas celebrated its female attorneys, their contributions and successes with videos that were shared on the firm’s social media channels. We interviewed the attorneys, assisted with the graphic design of the videos and drafted the social text for the social media post.

The Women of Wright Close & Barger

The firm observed Women’s History Month by celebrating the achievements of its own women attorneys through a video featured on its social media channels. Our team assisted with the concept behind the video and worked with designers on the graphic effects.

As Featured in

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Maegan Quejada
Sidley Austin

On the Shoulders of Giants

“You can’t pull off that style of cross examination. You’re not a man. You’re not white. And, I’ll say it, you’re too short.”

Sidley Austin’s Maegan Quejada reflects on moments of discrimination and the supportive influences in her life. Despite facing bias about her gender, race and height, she credits her upbringing and mentors for instilling confidence and resilience that has allowed her to excel in the male-dominated industry of the law. She emphasizes the importance of standing up against discrimination and acknowledges the collective efforts of those who have paved the way for her success, both historically and personally.


Following the Path Mapped by Chance

Chamblee Ryan’s Raegan Boyce unexpectedly found her way into the legal profession after she became a witness in a case for her former employer. Despite facing challenges and skepticism, she writes how she embraced opportunities that came her way. Encouraged by mentors and driven by curiosity, she has navigated various areas of law, ultimately finding her niche in medical malpractice defense work. Through her story, she emphasizes the importance of remaining open to new opportunities and values the unexpected.

“When life presents a new opportunity or challenge, I encourage everyone to remain open to those chance encounters in life.”


Mariah Berry, Muskat Devine

The Gender Pay Gap: Strategies for Avoiding and Addressing Pay Inequity in the Workplace

This Women’s History Month, Mariah Berry of Muskat Devine discusses the gender pay gap among men and women. Her article highlights the legal landscape surrounding pay equity, with many states enacting laws to address disparities in earnings. Strategies such as conducting pay equity analyses, promoting pay transparency, implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives and providing education and training are some ways to minimize risk and promote gender equality in the workplace.


The Myth of Work-Life Balance

Winston & Strawn’s LeElle Slifer challenges the concept of “work-life balance” in her Women’s History Month article. She believes it’s more accurate to view life as a continuous juggling act, describing her daily routine of managing work tasks alongside personal and family commitments. She argues that the traditional notion of balance implies a trade-off between career success and personal fulfillment, particularly for women in the legal profession. Instead, she advocates for integrating work and life seamlessly, prioritizing tasks based on their importance and being comfortable with delegation.

LeElle Slifer, Winston & Strawn


Julie A Springer, Weisbart Springer Hayes

Gaining a Seat at the Table

Lawyer Julie Springer of Weisbart Springer Hayes has always been inspired by her father’s encouragement. Despite facing challenges as a woman in a male-dominated field, she highlights the support and mentorship she has received from colleagues. Balancing motherhood with a demanding career has posed challenges, but she eventually co-founded her own firm, prioritizing support for women attorneys and advocating for their advancement in the profession. Reflecting on her experiences, she emphasizes the importance of women having a presence in influential spaces, such as business and litigation. In her article, Ms. Springer expresses her passion for trial work, honoring her father’s aspirations for her independence and success.


Inspired Long Before I Became a Lawyer

This article pays tribute to Mary Emma Ackels Karam’s biggest inspiration – her mother. Isabel Zoghby Ackels was remarkable woman known for her grace, strength, and devotion to family and community. Despite facing obstacles, including postponing her education to raise her children, she eventually graduated summa cum laude from the University of Texas at Dallas at the age of 54. Seven of her children followed her footsteps into law, honoring her legacy. Mary Emma Ackels Karam discusses Isabel’s profound influence on her life, emphasizing her kindness, generosity, and unwavering support. She recounts her own journey in law, inspired by her mother’s example of service and integrity. Her writing underscores the transformative power of selfless service and the legacy of strong women in the legal profession.

Mary Emma Ackels Karam, Jackson Walker


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