Variety Quotes Jackson Walker Attorney Matt Acosta on ‘Fortnite’ Dance Lawsuits

‘Fortnite’ Dance Lawsuits: The Carlton, the Floss, the Milly Rock, What is Going On?

Published December 18, 2018

“Whether dances are subject to copyright is not a slam dunk,” Acosta told Variety via email. “The Epic Plaintiffs will likely contend with several hurdles in order to show that their dance moves are copyrightable. As a general matter, any original creative work may be subject to copyright protection. This historically includes, among other things, movie scripts, songs, or even in some instances, computer code. One of the issues that the Plaintiffs will face in the Epic cases is to show that their respective dance moves are sufficiently original from other dances to deserve copyright protection. The alleged iconic nature of the dances will no doubt play a role in that analysis, but there still must be original elements to the dances beyond those other dances that have been historically created and performed.”

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