The Lanier Law Firm Supports Investigations of Toxic Chemical Products

HOUSTON — The federal government’s decreasing oversight of chemical contamination after decades of toxic releases into groundwater by corporate and military sources is prompting a growing number of cities, counties and states to turn to the courtroom for relief.

An attorney team at the Lanier Law Firm is currently investigating these concerns and responding to multiple inquiries regarding possible legal action from governments across the nation.

“Our success in prosecuting product liability claims against some of the world’s largest corporations is leading to a more active role in this litigation,” says the firm’s founder Mark Lanier. “These companies produced chemicals that were admittedly effective, but with little if any guidance or warning about potential risks. That is corporate irresponsibility at its worst.”

Currently more than 100 lawsuits have been filed against companies such as 3M, Tyco, DuPont and other manufacturers that developed and sold products such as firefighting foam that contain chemicals known as PFAS, dubbed “forever chemicals.” The cases include state-based class actions as well as a consolidated claim being heard in a South Carolina federal court. This federal multidistrict litigation should streamline the pretrial process, which could lead to settlements or verdicts against the manufacturers.

The claims seek reimbursement for the cost of environmental cleanup and removal of PFAS chemicals from surrounding areas. The financial stakes can be high, as shown by the February 2018 groundwater pollution settlement by 3M with the state of Minnesota for $850 million.

“It is also troubling that in recent years we’ve seen the EPA move to lower the acceptable levels of contaminants in our water,” says Mr. Lanier. “We know that even limited exposure to PFAS can lead to a range of cancers and gastrointestinal diseases. We have to act now to protect the public and provide a way for the affected communities to clean up these sites and reduce these risks.”

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