Texas Lawyer Q&A Highlights Chris Schwegmann Trademark Expertise

What’s in a Name: Q&A With Chris Schwegmann of Lynn Pinker Hurst & Schwegmann

Published August 27, 2020

Texas Lawyer spoke recently with Mr. Schwegmann about The Washington Football Team, an NFL franchise that has finally decided to retire its “Redskins” nickname—which the team has had since 1932.

How strong is trademark protection these days?

Chris Schwegmann: Trademark protections and trademark remedies, particularly those involving registered trademarks, are very strong and can be deployed in a lot of different ways to prevent unfair competition. Sure, trademark law can be used to prevent counterfeiters from selling “unofficial” jerseys outside the stadium. But it also gets deployed in even more creative ways—most recently by 3M to prevent resellers of N95 masks from price gouging during this pandemic.

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