Texas Lawbook Spotlights Zehl & Associates’ $37.5 Million Verdict Against ONCOR Energy

Texas Lawbook features coverage of Zehl & Associates after firm attorneys secured a $37.5 million against ONCOR Energy. The case involves the tragic death of a truck driver in 2021 after a collision with an ONCOR Electric Delivery Co. driver.


Video footage from a traffic camera showed ONCOR driver Joseph Pedersen, driving a Ford F-150 service vehicle, struck Singh’s truck, pinning him against the wall.


 “There was only one real piece of evidence that the jury needed in this case, and that was a video of the crash,” trial attorney Matt Greenberg said. “I think the jury really felt for the family and really appreciated the significance of the loss.”


The Texas Lawbook story details the lawsuit and the jury’s verdict (subscription required).

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