PMR Law Settles Lawsuit with Amazon Following Deadly House Fire

Amazon sued over defective product that resulted in wrongful death 

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – Lawyers representing a man who lost his mother to a house fire have secured a favorable settlement with Amazon on his behalf. The victim was killed when a heated pet bed purchased from caught fire in their home.

According to the lawsuit filed by Houston-based Paranjpe Mahadass Ruemke LLP, or PMR Law, Huntington, W.Va. resident Dion Adkins purchased a heated pet bed from for his mother, who lived with him. They used the product for their cats to lay on during the cold winter months.  

One night in February 2020, the two were awakened to the sound of fire alarms. Mr. Adkins went downstairs to discover the pet bed had caught fire. The fire grew quickly, trapping his mother, Drema, upstairs in her bedroom. Mr. Adkins crawled outside the home and attempted to reach his mother’s bedroom window by climbing a drainpipe. The drainpipe broke in the process, and Drema died from smoke inhalation despite her son’s efforts to save her. The house was reduced to ashes. 

According to Amazon’s website, the heated pet bed was made by a Chinese manufacturer named “Hydogooho.” But PMR Law’s team of skilled trial lawyers uncovered that the manufacturer does not exist and learned there is no vetting process for posting items for sale on Amazon.  

“Safe and effective: high/low level of temperature control,”’s product description stated, warranting its safety from overheating. “Temperature can be adjusted and be up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It can avoid overheating to protect your pets.” 

The lawyers filed suit against Amazon under a West Virginia retailer statute and secured justice for their client in the form of a confidential settlement.  

“This case was emotional and hard-fought,” said firm co-founder Tej Paranjpe. “We are happy to see justice in this case as this tragedy was completely preventable. We hope this result sends a message to Amazon about its selling practices and allows the family to find some sense of peace.” 

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