New York Times Features Blizzard Law Case in Hotel Crime Report

Blizzard Law’s $44 million verdict against Hilton Hotel Management on behalf of a sexual assault victim is featured in a March 17, 2023, New York Times report on hotel crimes.  

On-premises crimes including human trafficking, sexual assault and other violent offenses have seemingly been fueled by the hotel industry’s lapse in training and practicing standard security measures, according to the Blizzard Law attorneys who have represented multiple victims of hotel-based crimes. 

“Hotel security shortfalls are much more common than travelers would imagine,” firm founder Ed Blizzard told the New York Times. 

The article describes Blizzard Law’s $44 million victory on behalf of Kathleen Dawson, who was raped by a man who received assistance from hotel staff to take her into his room after simply telling them, “She’s with me.” Hotel staff members delivered the unconscious, vulnerable guest into the room of her attacker without checking her identification or verifying whether she had her own room, which she did. A jury ultimately found the hotel responsible for the incident.  

Click here to read the full article, “What Happened to the Woman in the Hotel Room Next Door?” 

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