New York Post Features Blizzard Law Cases in Article Exposing Hotel Negligence Related to Sexual Assaults

The New York Post featured four Blizzard Law cases in an article focused on sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults that occur in hotels.  

While it is primarily the responsibility of the hotel to provide a safe and secure experience for travelers, Blizzard Law attorneys have handled several cases in which hotel staff failed to adhere to minimum safety standards resulting in the preventable sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults of hotel guests.   

“Almost every hotel chain I’ve seen has a policy in place that says under no circumstance can you issue a key to someone’s room without verifying with an identification that that person is registered to the room,” trial lawyer Anna Greenberg told the New York Post.  

However, the article describes a disturbing trend of security lapses and the common circumstances which have led to in-room assaults. Most typically, intruders will obtain room keys to women’s rooms from the hotel front desk. In a breach of security policies, hotel staff frequently fail to press for identification and readily hand over keys to rooms where these predators know a woman is staying alone.   

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