More Than 275 Baytown Residents Claim Injuries from December Refinery Explosion

Lawsuit: December blast at ExxonMobil refinery caused hearing loss, respiratory injuries   

HOUSTON – More than 275 Baytown residents who suffered injuries during a December 23, 2021, refinery explosion near their homes have joined a lawsuit against the facility’s owner, ExxonMobil Corporation.   

The amended lawsuit, filed today in Harris County, alleges that residents in nearby neighborhoods suffered hearing loss, respiratory problems and related balance issues from the concussive force of the blast and fire at the gasoline-producing refinery unit. The lawsuit also raises concerns that harmful chemicals were released into the air and spread across the surrounding area.  

“Safely handling volatile materials requires an extra level of responsibility and commitment, and ExxonMobil tragically failed to meet even minimal standards,” says Derek Potts of the Potts Law Firm in Houston. “Our clients include children and elderly individuals who are particularly vulnerable to the health effects caused by the explosion, and who are going to require long-term care and monitoring. ExxonMobil needs to acknowledge the negligence and lack of oversight that caused these injuries and provide for the resulting medical needs of these people.”  

The court earlier granted a temporary restraining order to preserve all company documents, video and other materials related to the early morning blast. 

The case is Credit et al v. ExxonMobil Corporation, No. 2021-83158 filed in the 125th District Court in Harris County.   


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