Lynn Pinker Cox Hurst Attorney Jeremy Fielding Provides Perspective to KTVT CBS Dallas on Home Builder Bankruptcy

Homeowners In Limbo After Homebuilder Bankruptcy

A Dallas home builder’s bankruptcy has left dozens of homeowners on the hook for in unpaid labor costs. Now the builder’s subcontractors are demanding payment for the work they completed, leaving the homeowners facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in liens on their property, and the threat of foreclosure.  Lynn Pinker Cox Hurst partner Jeremy Fielding told CBS11 that, unfortunately, the law offers little protection to homeowners when their builder files for bankruptcy.  They’d rather put the onus on the homeowner to have to bear the costs, as opposed to the subcontractor, said Fielding. “It sucks for a homeowner. But it also really stinks for a subcontractor, too.

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