JW Michaels & Co. Announces Acquisition of Legerity Group, Inc.

New South Florida addition provides senior-level consulting and staffing expertise

NEW YORK – JW Michaels & Co., a leader in strategic staffing, recruiting, consulting and direct hire solutions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of executive consulting firm Legerity Group, Inc.

Legerity is based in Boca Raton, Florida, and provides JW Michaels with another foothold in the South Florida market. Legerity’s national executive consulting operation primarily addresses interim middle- to senior-level finance and accounting positions.

The acquisition is the next step in JW Michaels’ mission to build one of the industry’s fastest-growing and most-profitable companies and grow the firm’s world-class team of staffing professionals and consultants.

This move also includes the addition of Legerity director of business development Mark Slakter. Mr. Slakter has a more than two-decade track record of success in the executive consulting search and financial services staffing industries. He will now bring that experience and knowledge to the ranks of JW Michaels leadership.

“Mark is the heart and soul of Legerity Group, and I can’t think of someone who would be a better fit for us,” said JW Michaels founder and managing partner Jason Wachtel. “He’s the right person to help us grow in South Florida and to help bolster our senior consulting practice.”

This addition of Legerity fits perfectly in the JW Michaels Holdings portfolio, expanding the family of brands to 20 offices across the country. It also provides Legerity with the tools and resources necessary to increase its expansion and growth as a senior consulting practice while competing with larger companies on a national scale.

“Having access to all that JW Michaels has to offer is a very exciting proposition,” said Mr. Slakter. “At the same time, we bring some added expertise in the senior-level consulting space to the table, another arrow in their arsenal in a rapidly growing part of the country. It is the best kind of win-win scenario for everyone involved.”   


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