Jurors Decide for Dallas Ammunition Maker in Dispute with Employee

Bradley lawyers Mark Torian and Sawyer Neely win take-nothing verdict on behalf of United Stand 1 Armory

DALLAS (June 27, 2019) – Jurors in a Dallas County District Court delivered a verdict in favor of ammunition maker United Stand 1 Armory LLC, ordering a former employee to pay attorneys’ fees after losing his suit to claim an equity stake in the company.

The dispute dates to 2015 when defendant Michael R. Cooper, a competitive shooter and former employee of the privately held Dallas company, sought a 35 percent equity stake and share of the company’s profits. He and the company had several discussions about signing a contract, but never reached agreement.

The evidence showed that negotiations between the company and Mr. Cooper deteriorated, culminating in a demand from Mr. Cooper for significant compensation from the company. To protect its assets and operations, United Stand 1 Armory sought and won declaratory relief that a letter of intent the two parties signed was not an enforceable contract.

In a countersuit, Mr. Cooper claimed the proposed agreement he drafted was an enforceable contract entitling him to a stake and percentage of the business. Mr. Cooper also brought a number of additional claims, seeking over $2 million in damages.

The jury decided against Mr. Cooper and awarded the lawyers for United Stand 1 Armory up to $70,000 in attorneys’ fees.

“Stand 1 repeatedly tried to provide Mr. Cooper with a fair proposal by which he could become a stakeholder in the company. Unfortunately, Mr. Cooper was driven by sheer greed,” said Bradley attorney Mark E. Torian, who along with E. Sawyer Neely, represented United Stand 1 Armory. “Stand 1 stood by its principles and refused to bend to Mr. Cooper’s improper demands. We are proud to represent clients facing such difficult circumstances, and we are pleased that a Dallas jury delivered a verdict protecting Stand 1,” added Mr. Neely.

The case is United Stand 1 Armory, LLC and Anthony R. Miglini v. Michael R. Cooper, Cause No. 17-11549-D, in the 95th Judicial District Court in Dallas County before Judge David Evans.

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