Fox Rothschild Partner Discussing Sinkhole Lawsuit on South Dakota’s “All Things Considered”

Kathleen Barrow, attorney at Fox Rothschild, discusses the firm’s representation of homeowners and the issues surrounding a sinkhole caused by a collapsing mine in a South Dakota neighborhood.

“It is continuing to take on water. The second problem we have out there is the very fine fill dirt that was used in the reclamation and that fill dirt has a very, very high concentration of gypsum dust and what that means is every time it rains, it is undermining the subsurface that is holding up the house,” Ms. Barrow said on the broadcast.

157 homes are currently deemed as serious risks.

The lawsuit charges the state with a failure to properly remediate and maintain unstable land after the mining operation was shuttered in the early 1990s. The land was then sold to builders who developed the Hideaway Hills neighborhood.


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