Former PwC Director Darrell Lane Joins Kanter Financial Forensics

Dallas forensic accounting firm expands capabilities as data-driven forensic accounting, investigations become more complex

DALLAS – Kanter Financial Forensics is expanding its forensic accounting, data analytics and litigation consulting capabilities with the addition of data analytics expert Darrell Lane.

The former technical leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Forensic Technology Solutions group in Dallas, Mr. Lane has been on the forefront of efforts aimed at developing technical solutions to complex investigative and data analytics issues. He has extensive financial, accounting and investigative experience in a range of business sectors, including financial institutions, broker dealers, telecom, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate and energy. In addition, he has provided expert testimony in cases ranging from capital murder to contract disputes and theft of trade secrets.

“Increasingly complex business litigation and investigations demand that legal teams have the ability to analyze vast amounts of data from a variety of sources,” said Kanter Financial Forensics founder Larry Kanter. “Darrell’s skills and experience compliment the work that we’re doing and allow us to provide high-level analysis that few beyond the very largest accounting firms can match.”

Kanter Financial Forensics works with businesses and legal teams to perform complex multidisciplinary forensic investigations in response to contract disputes, fraud investigations, damage quantification, earn-out disputes, compliance and regulatory actions, and a variety of other dispute related engagements.

“Today’s litigation must deal with data from a variety of sources. The art that we practice is our ability to find common threads across each of those sources to link data together to create useful information for our clients. Without the ability to understand and analyze complex data, the sheer volume of records can be unwieldy, ignored and ultimately underutilized,” Mr. Lane said. “Retrieving data is just the start. We are able to take nuggets of data from multiple sources and turn those nuggets into useful information by linking data sets together. What makes a difference is our ability to analyze large amounts of data and peel back the layers to support our work.”

About Kanter Financial Forensics

Operating at the intersection of technology and forensic accounting, Kanter Financial Forensics serves a range of organizations, from Fortune 10 international businesses to locally owned enterprises and even governmental organizations. From international financial investigations to calculating damages as a result of a dispute involving the acquisition of a business, we know how to get to the facts efficiently. We know what questions to ask, what evidence to request and where and how important financial information is stored. Our prior experiences allow us to immediately begin to address our client’s issues – because we have likely seen similar issues in the past. More at

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