Deans & Lyons Attorney Brian Lauten Discusses Tomi Lahren Lawsuit

Tomi Lahren sues Glenn Beck, The Blaze for wrongful termination over pro-choice stance

Her coworkers placed yellow caution tape spelling an ‘X’ on Lahren’s dressing room door. The Blaze terminated her work email account, according to the lawsuit. Supervisors cut off communication with Lahren, said her lawyer, Brian Lauten.  That was all retaliation and added up to her being fired, even if The Blaze considers her status there a suspension, Lauten said. He said the company has already breached the contract 100 times over; for example, the firm hasn’t fulfilled its promise to produce 230 one-hour episodes of Lahren’s show per year. He said Lahren wants to be free of her contract so she can go back to posting online and look for another job. 

Read the entire article at The Dallas Morning News.

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