David Bissinger Discusses Potential Fallout of a Recession with Corporate Compliance Insights

Corporate Compliance Insights reached out to leading compliance, risk and governance experts, including Bissinger, Oshman, Williams & Strasburger LLP co-founder David Bissinger for their predictions on the potential for a 2023 recession.

Although it’s difficult to predict how the government would respond, Mr. Bissinger said some sectors are likely to be bigger targets than others in the event of a recession. For example, as cryptocurrency is already in the U.S. government’s regulatory crosshairs, and the continued sector upheaval is likely to draw added attention if crypto exchanges drag down the economy.

“Cryptocurrency provides the most colorful, if not most notable, example of an emerging financial crisis,” he said. “Under chairman Gary Gensler, no major SEC rulemaking occurred; now, with the fall of multiple cryptocurrency platforms, the SEC and other agencies have begun to scramble to address the many complex issues arising from the growth of cryptocurrencies in the past decade.”

You can read the full story, “If a Recession Comes, Most Experts Say Compliance Won’t See the Worst of It” at https://www.corporatecomplianceinsights.com/recession-compliance-2023/.

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