Dallas Morning News Asks Potts Law Firm’s Micah Dortch If City of Dallas is Liable for Botham Jean’s Death

Could Dallas be held liable for Botham Jean’s death after shooting by off-duty officer?

Published September 13, 2018

Micah Dortch, a Dallas attorney who specializes in catastrophic personal injury, said the city could argue that Guyger was not acting in the course of her police duties because she was off the clock when the shooting happened. 

If he were the plaintiff, Dortch said, he’d counter that a peace officer is acting in the course of her employment any time she draws her firearm.

“If she was at a gas station and saw a robbery occurring and pulled her weapon to … protect the person working behind the counter, obviously [she’d] be in the course and scope of her employment because even though she was off duty, she kind of went on duty automatically for the protection of the public,” Dortch said.

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