Dallas Jury Delivers $20M Verdict Against Greyhound Over Passenger Killed by Bus

25-year-old passenger left behind at rest stop was hit as he ran after bus

DALLAS – A Dallas County District Court jury has found Dallas-based Greyhound Lines Inc. responsible for the 2017 death of Hunter Brown, a 25-year-old passenger who was run over by the bus as he ran to catch it at an Oregon rest stop.

The jury awarded Mr. Brown’s parents, Dr. Barry Brown and Paula Becker, $20 million in compensatory damages after finding Greyhound negligent for causing the accident that killed their son.

“This was a horrible, entirely preventable tragedy,” said Charla Aldous of Dallas law firm Aldous \ Walker, who represents the victim’s parents. “Greyhound has an obligation to keep its passengers safe. That certainly was not the case here. We are thankful for the jury’s careful consideration of the evidence and for holding Greyhound responsible.”

Mr. Brown was traveling to California when his Greyhound bus made a late-night stop at the Pilot Travel Center in Central Point, Oregon. Riders were allowed off to use the restroom and buy food.

According to evidence presented at the trial, the Greyhound driver, Arthur Coley, did not perform a mandatory head count of passengers before leaving the truck stop prior to the stated time of departure. While trying to get the driver’s attention to board the bus, Mr. Brown was run over and killed.

Link to sound bite with Charla Aldous: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ka1sl67owhi5ale/Aldous-Greyhoud-4.mp4?dl=0

Despite the accident, Mr. Coley continued to drive for Greyhound. Records show he was not reprimanded until after the lawsuit was filed and that was only for failure to take a head count before leaving the bus stop, in violation of company policy. He was later fired for allegedly smashing the cell phone of a passenger who was taking video of him being rude to other passengers.

“Our son was looking forward to his future when his life ended,” Mr. Brown’s parents said in a statement. “We are grateful to the jury for seeing the horrible actions of this bus driver and the company’s irresponsibility for continuing to employ him. We hope Greyhound changes its policies to make sure this doesn’t happen to another family.”

Brent Walker of Aldous \ Walker and Jane Paulson of Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC in Portland, Oregon, also represented the family.

The case is Paula Becker and Barron Brown, individually and on behalf of the Estate of Hunter Brown vs. Greyhound Lines, Inc. in the 298th District Court of Dallas County. Jane

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