Dallas Firms Bragalone Conroy and Boyd & Associates Join Forces to Represent Whistleblowers

DALLAS – Dallas law firms Bragalone Conroy PC and Boyd & Associates are combining efforts to represent plaintiffs who bring cases involving fraud committed against the U.S. government. Boyd & Associates’ Sam Boyd has secured numerous recoveries under the False Claims Act and other whistleblower statutes, including $124 million in a Medicaid fraud case against King Pharmaceuticals. These are big cases and they take a tremendous amount of time and resources, and frankly, skill,” Mr. Boyd says. And while we’ve been very successful, I am excited about the chance to expand what we do by working with the excellent trial lawyers at Bragalone Conroy. Bragalone Conroy is a Dallas firm that concentrates on complex commercial litigation and intellectual property cases. In 2015, Law360 recognized Bragalone Conroy as One of 6 IP Boutiques Punching Above Their Weight, for its track record of landing big-name clients and notching wins in court and at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

At our core, the lawyers at Bragalone Conroy are not just ‘technology lawyers’ or ‘IP lawyers,’ says Bragalone Conroy co-founder Jeff Bragalone. “Instead, we are courtroom lawyers who can try any case. Pat Conroy and I cut our teeth on plaintiff’s fraud cases, and we look forward to reinvigorating this aspect of our practice with Sam, to jointly represent plaintiffs with tangible, heroic concerns. Mr. Boyd has successfully brought several whistleblower claims against defense contractors and recently secured a $30 million win against mortgage servicers for violations of the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP. HAMP was designed to help homeowners who were victimized by the 2008-2009 financial debacle and were unable to pay their mortgages. Sam Boyd is an active Director Emeritus of both the Texas Trial Lawyers Association and the Dallas Trial Lawyers Association. He is a former Green Beret captain who earned, among other honors, four Bronze Stars, two with “V” for valor, while serving in Vietnam.

Our firms are not co-venturing on a single case, but rather, we’re looking at this for the long term, says Bragalone Conroy co-founder Patrick Conroy. “When I think about the combination of our group’s skills in the courtroom and Sam’s knowledge and experience in the whistleblower area, I think we can really make a mark. Both firms strongly believe that someone needs to stand up for the taxpayers. We are proud to do that, says Boyd, as most of the recoveries are returned to the United States Treasury.

About Bragalone Conroy PC
Bragalone Conroy PC is a Dallas firm focusing on complex business litigation, business and securities fraud, intellectual property litigation and licensing, and qui tam claims arising from the federal False Claims Act. More information about the firm is available at bcpc-law.com.

About Boyd & Associates
Boyd & Associates is a Dallas firm representing whistleblower clients in qui tam cases under the False Claims Act, as well as under SEC and IRS whistleblowing statutes.   The firm has also represented clients in business litigation. More information about the firm is at www.samboydlaw.com

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