Dallas-based Hosch & Morris Launches as Data Privacy Law Boutique

Attorneys evaluate business and IT contracts, assess privacy impact and advise on risk amid changing regulations and data privacy concerns

DALLAS – April 17, 2019 – Hosch & Morris PLLC is launching one of the first law boutiques in Texas focused on helping law firms and other businesses make smart decisions related to data privacy, commercial trade secrets and securing the information they have at hand through customers, vendors, partners or otherwise.

With growing concerns about data privacy and the proliferation of big data that has helped accelerate this trend, the firm’s co-founders Charles M. Hosch and Kathryne (“Kate”) M. Morris offer a pragmatic, preemptive approach to finding, reducing and managing data privacy risks by aligning clients’ business goals to new regulations and other industry developments.

“In the wake of ongoing data privacy regulations and often unforeseen security challenges, many businesses and even law firms still have a blind spot when it comes to procuring and implementing the right solutions to allay risks,” Morris said. “We help clients assess, identify and manage the risks in contracts, so they have a better understanding of the types of data involved, where it will be collected and stored, and how it will be used and shared, all of which can have significant implications to their business.”

Collectively, Hosch and Morris have more than 45 years of experience in both transactions and trial work involving technology agreements. Attorney Russell B. Pearlman brings more than 25 years of technology consulting work to the table, including two years as Acting Chief Technology Officer for a major automobile manufacturer.

In addition, attorneys Hosch and Morris are triple-certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals with the CIPP/US, CIPP/E and CIPM. This level of expertise and experience with technology agreements and related litigation is essential at a time when new data privacy laws worldwide are putting pressure on U.S. businesses, many of which are in Texas. The two previously practiced law at Strasburger & Price LLP, now known as Clark Hill Strasburger.

Hosch notes that the complexity of current technologies, the proliferation of data and the dynamic regulatory landscape, are complicating the maintenance of accurate and transparent privacy notices and data policies.

“We are dedicated to empowering companies to maintain the right policies and procedures needed to remain compliant, protect critical data sources and make wiser decisions that will lead to success in today’s fast-moving business environment,” said Hosch.

Hosch & Morris PLLC is a Dallas-based law firm. The firm’s mission is to help businesses assess, maintain and manage data privacy risks by structuring contracts, processes and procedures to be compliant from the start. For more information about the firm, visit: www.hoschmorris.com.

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