Couple Brings Class Action Lawsuit Against Wedding Venue Operators

Despite COVID restrictions, company refusing to refund, reschedule

DALLAS — A North Texas couple has filed a proposed class action lawsuit against the owners of a wedding chapel in The Colony, Texas, claiming that the venue is unable to conduct their wedding next month as contracted, but that the company is refusing to return a deposit of more than $12,000.

Brianna Conn and Rex Simmons of Plano were scheduled to be married on July 18 at the Chapel at Ana Villa, one of several wedding venues in the state owned by Keith and Sarah Walters. But because of COVID-19 health guidelines, and the fact that many of their more than 100 guests could not attend the indoor ceremony due to the virus and related age and travel concerns, Ms. Conn and Mr. Simmons notified the venue they wished to cancel their booking. 

The lawsuit, filed in Dallas County, states that despite the couple’s efforts, Ana Villa’s management, Walters Wedding Estates, has refused to return the deposit or even consider arranging an alternate, future date for the wedding.

“We know that this company’s unreasonable and unlawful stance has affected many other couples who are faced with the same dilemma,” says Dallas attorney Mark Ticer. “We’re seeking class action status under Texas law on behalf of all those couples who have not or will not be able to have the wedding they contracted for and the wedding they have paid for with the company.”

The lawsuit claims that the venue operators have acknowledged for many weeks that the ceremony could not be conducted as promised, yet still refused to provide any refund and instead asked for additional payments due under the contract.

“This company is taking advantage of couples and families, they are actively committing fraud and are still taking money and making money while other businesses have been forced to close due to the pandemic,” says Ticer. “They are profiting from this public health emergency at the expense of these young people, and that’s simply not lawful and not right.”

The case is Brianna Conn and Rex Simmons v. Walters Wedding Estates filed in State District Court in Dallas.

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