Class Action Representative Named to Leadership Role in Griddy Bankruptcy by Department of Justice

Lead plaintiff in proposed class action appointed Chairman of Unsecured Creditors Committee 


HOUSTON – The United States Department of Justice, through the Office of the United States Trustee, has appointed Lisa Khoury as chairman of a committee to represent all unsecured creditors in the federal bankruptcy proceeding of Griddy Energy. Ms. Khoury is the named plaintiff responsible for filing a class action on behalf of all Griddy customers, and is represented by Derek Potts of Houston-based Potts Law Firm.


The proposed class action was filed in late February, and alleges deceptive trade practices and price gouging against the Texas electricity retailer on behalf of customers who received massive electricity bills during the state’s record-setting winter storm.


That case was transferred to federal court after Griddy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on March 15. The unsecured creditors committee may consult with legal counsel and further investigate the records and actions of Griddy, and will help develop the Bankruptcy Plan of Reorganization.


“We appreciate the careful consideration of the Department of Justice in recognizing the legitimate claims of former customers,” says Mr. Potts. “They should have a key role in determining the disposition of the company.”


Ty Williams of Arlington, Texas and Holland O’Neill of Dallas were also appointed as members of the committee.


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