Christian Chronicle Features Rusty Hardin & Associates’ Midland Christian Five Case

The Christian Chronicle featured two articles on the Rusty Hardin & Associates case involving former Midland Christian School employees and the city of Midland.

Attorney Jenny Brevorka was quoted alongside the firm’s clients, Jared Lee and Dana Ellis. The article also includes a recorded interview with Mr. Lee and Ms. Ellis.

“Indeed, this lawsuit is about five lives … which were irreparably harmed, but it’s also about these individuals’ constitutional rights,” Ms. Brevorka shared.

In addition to the feature, The Christian Chronicle broke down the legal matter and details in an explainer for its readers.

“At the very core of this, not only are these people of faith, but these are true patriots,” Ms. Brevorka says in the article. “These are individuals who have decided to exercise the rights that we as Americans all have under the Bill of Rights.”

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