Charter Spectrum Hit with $1.147 Billion Final Judgment for Negligence Involving Murder of Elderly Customer by Cable Technician

Judgment includes finding that Charter committed felony forgery in effort to avoid accountability    

DALLAS – A Dallas judge has entered a final judgment awarding more than $1.147 billion to the family of an 83-year-old North Texas grandmother, Betty Thomas, who was robbed and stabbed to death in her home by Charter Spectrum cable field technician Roy Holden. 

The judgment signed September 19 by Dallas County Court at Law Judge Juan Renteria includes a finding that Charter “knowingly and intentionally committed forgery with the intent to defraud or harm Plaintiffs” with a forged arbitration agreement. 

“We are grateful that, after careful consideration and review of the law and trial record, the Court entered judgment ordering Charter to pay more than $1 billion in total damages to the victim’s family. The final judgment includes findings that Charter further committed felony forgery in causing harm to the plaintiffs, which properly eliminates the cap on punitive damages under Texas law,” said lead trial lawyer Chris Hamilton of Dallas-based Hamilton Wingo. 

Trial testimony revealed that Charter Spectrum ignored countless red flags from the date of Holden’s hire until the date when he murdered Ms. Thomas in her home with his Charter Spectrum knife. Jurors found that Charter Spectrum forged a service agreement, claiming Ms. Thomas agreed to it, after her death in an attempt to force the lawsuit into arbitration, where results are secret, and the damages would have been limited to less than $200. 

The judgment awards the full $1.147 billion sought by the Hamilton Wingo team. 

“The victim’s family voluntarily ‘remitted’ the initial $7 billion punitive damages award to an amount equal to two times the compensatory damages in requesting entry of judgment. This conservative damages multiplier will make the judgment exceedingly unlikely to be overturned on appeal given the criminal forgery findings against Charter and established Supreme Court precedent,” said Mr. Hamilton. 

The case is William Goff et al. v. Roy James Holden, Jr. and Charter Communications, Cause No. CC-20-01579. 

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