Baytown Woman Injured in Refinery Explosion Files Negligence Lawsuit Against Exxon Mobil

Explosion caused hearing loss, air quality concerns for nearby resident 

HOUSTON – A Baytown woman who suffered injuries during a December 23 refinery explosion near her home has filed a lawsuit against the refinery’s owner, ExxonMobil Corporation.  

The lawsuit, filed today in Harris County, alleges that Tona Credit suffered hearing loss and related balance issues resulting from the concussive force of the blast at the gasoline-producing refinery unit. The lawsuit also raises concerns that unknown and potentially harmful chemicals were released into the air and into nearby residential neighborhoods, including where Ms. Credit lives.  

“From all reports there were legitimate safety issues about the plant’s operation that led to this devastating explosion,” says Derek Potts of the Potts Law Firm in Houston. “Ms. Credit and potentially other nearby residents are facing significant costs for immediate medical treatment, as well as long-term medical monitoring expenses to identify and reduce the risk of other related health effects. ExxonMobil must be held responsible for its corporate negligence and lack of oversight.” 

The lawsuit seeks damages on behalf of Ms. Credit, as well as a temporary restraining order to preserve all company documents, video and other materials related to the early morning blast.  


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