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Brand Strategy


A brand is more than a logo and tagline. Often, firms will fall short of developing a cohesive brand strategy, and therefore miss out on the business opportunities that a solid identity in the legal market can generate.

If you’re curious about how your firm’s brand holds up, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have an elevator speech or a mission statement for your firm?
  2. Do you know what your peers, colleagues, clients and competitors say about your firm?
  3. Do the lawyers at your firm share a vision for where the firm is headed, and align on how to position the firm to prospective clients?
  4. Do your firm’s marketing materials have a distinct, ownable look and feel that could not be replicated by another firm?

At the textbook level, a brand is the combination of tangible and intangible perceptions that exist in the minds of a client base or targeted audience. Firms with a healthy brand identity should be able to answer all of these questions positively and confidently.

These strategic insights are the basis for a Brand Architecture: the foundational document that captures the qualities and values of the firm and where it stands in the marketplace. Properly articulated and managed, this Brand Architecture provides a framework for every future marketing component for the firm, as well as greater understanding, clarity and focus in its other strategic decisions.

These examples demonstrate how some of our clients leveraged their messages to develop strong brand identities:


Ahmad Zavitsanos Anaipakos Alavi & Mensing, or AZA, is a commercial litigation boutique that packs a punch.

We developed a branded campaign that reinforces their combination of common sense and courtroom prowess with bold statements and powerful graphics. In keeping with those elements, we incorporated their new bright yellow logo into a signature exclamation point design, which appears in most of the firm’s materials. Their new website complements the firm’s air of bravado with a homepage video where the exclamation point replaces the “I” in quotes that describe the firm, such as “tenac!ous” and “aggress!ve.”

Fittingly, we worked with the firm to develop an admittedly tongue-in-cheek tonality for AZA’s advertising and marketing. The firm’s advertisements, which can be found in a specialized ad gallery section of the site, reflect a brash tone and plenty of attitude. Opponents and clients alike report that AZA’s ad campaigns suit the firm to a T.


A venerable Dallas legal institution, Carrington Coleman sought to reinvigorate its printed and digital materials to emphasize their considerable knowledge and experience surrounding all facets of the law.

We worked with the firm to define a voice and to position them, via a new website and advertisement, as a highly intelligent group of attorneys and staff who provide a full spectrum of services related to business and the law.

 John Kim

John Kim is a commercial litigator with a distinct persona and approach that was well known to an inner circle of attorneys, but John wanted to share his story with a broader audience that included big companies and in-house counsel. 

We developed a logo and website, as well as a creative method of driving traffic to his new site. Foregoing the legal industry’s traditional approaches to advertising, we produced an animated video that captured the unique aspects of his firm’s brand sent via email announcement to 50,000 referring attorneys and in-house counsel.

An unconventional tactic, the video was well-suited to John Kim and not only resulted in his web traffic hitting an all-time high, but his site trending on Yahoo in the Houston area as well. He attributes being hired for several cases to this video and to the distinct way we brought his brand to life.


The TCLE came to us for a complete branding overhaul. Founded by the Supreme Court of Texas with a charge of educating new lawyers on the ethics of the profession, TCLE is an organization with a rich history that is still relevant to the modern practice of law.

In keeping with the rich legacy of the organization, we combined traditional and contemporary branding elements to reflect its ties to the past, present and future of the practice of law in Texas. We developed a new name, created a new logo and provided website designs.   

If you’d like assistance developing your brand strategy, please contact us.