Will Donald Trump be the Second Amendment’s ‘New Charlton Heston’?

Before mounting his presidential campaign, President-elect Trump indicated support for certain gun regulations, including a ban on assault weapons, but he’s more likely to stay true to recent campaign promises regarding gun rights, says Dallas white-collar defense lawyer Bill Mateja, a shareholder at Polsinelli and noted Second Amendment expert. Mr. Mateja notes that as the election approached, Mr. Trump declared himself a strong Second Amendment supporter, specifically stating that restrictions on guns and ammunition magazines have been a total failure. The Second Amendment is going to enjoy even more vitality under a Trump presidency – whether it be in using the Second Amendment as a litmus test for selecting federal judges or in emboldening the Justice Department to not reflexively defend the constitutionality of gun statutes that defy common sense, such as the interstate handgun ban, he said. Mr. Trump will likely be the Second Amendment’s new Charlton Heston.

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