Will Christina Morris’ Kidnapper Face Murder Charge?

The Collin County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the remains found last week in the small North Texas town of Anna are those of 23-year-old Christina Morris, who had been missing since August 2014. In 2016, Enrique Arochi, the last person to be seen with her, was convicted of her aggravated kidnapping and sentenced to life in prison. With the discovery of Ms. Morris’ remains, can he now face a murder charge? Former federal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney Brian Poe says it all depends on the circumstantial evidence.

This will all come down to whether or not the state believes they have enough circumstantial evidence to link this guy to the victim for purposes of a murder charge,” says Mr. Poe. “If they do, then it is possible they could charge [Arochi] with capital murder and potentially seek the death penalty. However, since this guy is already serving a life sentence, I would assume the district attorney would listen carefully and take the family’s wishes into consideration before putting them through another trial.

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