Why Dallas attorney Marty Green says ‘yes’ to Texas home equity changes

Veteran Dallas attorney Marty Green, one of the country’s foremost legal experts on residential lending, recently shed valuable insights on an important decision facing Texas voters. In a commentary published by the Texas Tribune, Green urged Texans to vote yes to Proposition 2, which seeks to make several changes to the state’s home equity borrowing system. Proposition 2 would expand Texans’ choice and flexibility in leveraging their most important assets – their homes – while retaining the important homestead protections that Texas law currently affords,” wrote Mr. Green, of Polunsky Beitel Green in Dallas. In a series of relevant examples, Green laid out reasons why Prop 2 makes sense for homeowners. This amendment to the Texas Constitution would make important changes to the existing home equity rules to better allow Texans to access their increased equity for whatever reasons they choose – to pay for college, to pay medical bills or to pay off higher interest credit cards, he wrote. The measure will be decided on Election Day, Nov. 7.

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