Why a Dallas Attorney Believes It May Be the Year of the Woman

The Dallas County primary runoffs are less than two months away, as voters will be asked to hit the polls on May 22 to decide races too close to call. But there may be more at stake according to Dallas attorney Meloney Perry.

Taking a look at the Dallas County primaries and the upcoming runoffs, you may think that this is the year of the woman. Recent reports from the Dallas Morning News and D Magazine highlight a number of races in which female challengers may have a chance to win, including some civil court judicial races. In the 68th District Court, incumbent Martin Hoffman faces attorney Kim Brown in the runoff. Same in the 193rd District Court, where state District Judge Carl Ginsburg and attorney Bridgett Whitmore fight for that seat. County Court at Law Judge Ken Tapscott is also in the runoff against attorney Paula Rosales.

Perry is keeping her eye on the Dallas judicial races, where she believes there could be a change on the horizon.

“I haven’t seen this many women stand up and step up to run for judicial positions,” says Perry, who is the founder of Dallas-based Perry Law Firm and has 20-plus years of experience practicing law in Texas. “This may be an example of women power and ‘THE’ time for women. That’s why these primary races are going to be very important; it will be interesting to see what will happen.”

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