Who Has the Authority to Decide When Texas Businesses Reopen?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to make an announcement soon allowing some businesses to reopen. Some states, including Oklahoma, will reopen businesses on April 24, such as hair and nail salons, spas and pet groomers. With sometimes-conflicting orders coming from policymakers ranging from governors and county judges to mayors, who has the authority to enforce the rules, and which ones should people follow?

David Coale, an attorney at Lynn Pinker Hurst & Schwegmann and an expert on government-power issues, says orders from governors take precedence.

“Legally, the governor has the authority when it comes to public health orders; he calls the shots on all of this,” said Mr. Coale. “The state has enormous power when it comes to public health because of our statutes, giving these cities and communities very narrow wiggle room.

“Now if the governor’s order ends and the county judges decide to extend their orders, it’s fair game.”

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