What Happens to Prince’s Estate With No Will?

Aaron Dobbs, a shareholder in the Texas-based law firm Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey PC who handles tough probate cases including many for sizable and complex estates, said if Prince did not leave a will, state law usually dictates that the estate passes to the person’s family. The deceased’s family, referred to as “heirs,” will be determined through a judicial proceeding where the court will formally declare the names of each person inheriting and each person’s share of the estate. If the court declares that the person’s property passes to siblings, half-blood siblings inherit half as much as that inherited by each whole-blood sibling. This result may be contrary to the deceased’s wishes, which is why developing an estate plan is important.  Estate planning can be an empowering process because you — not the state – dictate who will inherit your estate and who will handle your estate business in the interim. What happens with Prince’s assets will likely depend on if a will is ever found and on the particular laws in Minnesota. In many states, including Texas, a person’s estate will pass according to the terms of the deceased’s will. Of course, the validity of a will can be challenged due to allegations that the deceased lacked capacity or was unduly influenced. Also, the will may not contain all of the elements required by law to be a valid will.  This is why it is important to have a professional prepare estate planning documents. When it comes to Prince’s music, that will likely be handled by a personal representative, often referred to as an executor (when there is a will) or as an administrator (generally, when there is not a will), will need to be appointed by a court in order to administer the estate. Administering the estate includes maintaining and securing all assets of the estate, including intangible personal property like music and other copyrighted material.  This might include the personal representative bringing legal action, on behalf of the estate, against those that may be using copyrighted materials without permission.

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