Trucking Accident Attorney Warns Drivers About International Roadcheck 2016

Accomplished Texas trucking accident attorney Steve C. Laird of Fort Worth is a strong advocate when it comes to highway safety issues. As a result, Mr. Laird is spreading the word about International Roadcheck 2016, a 72-hour mandatory inspection of tractor trailers, buses and other heavy trucks that will take place June 7-9. The average person may not be aware of Roadcheck, a partnership between law enforcement agencies and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance that helps protect motorists and prevent hazardous situations on our highways. The three-day Roadcheck period represents the safest time of the year for drivers, but the days that follow are among the most dangerous.
Mr. Laird authored a blog explaining why.

As [it] happens every year, the trucking industry already is telling companies and drivers about the three-day window, which will allow many of them to limit their hours or stay off the road entirely in order to avoid inspections. Once Roadcheck is over, expect to see many more tractor-trailers on the highway, including those whose drivers may be looking to make up for lost time that was spent waiting on the mandatory inspections to conclude. The time away from the road is what the trucking industry calls “Roadcheck vacation. Drivers without the proper licensing and those operating unsafe trucks often take off work to avoid inspections only to return once the 72-hour period expires. The smart way to approach Roadcheck as an average motorist is to be particularly careful on the highway in the days and weeks following the inspection period when many drivers return to the road. That means everyone should be on high alert beginning Friday, June 10, through the weekend and at least the following week. Although not every big rig you see will have safety problems and not all of the drivers will be unqualified or improperly licensed, knowing about Roadcheck and taking the proper precautions will protect you and your family.

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