Top 10 Texas Legal Stories of 2021: #4

Texas legal news in 2021 not only reflected the debates and court disputes being heard all across the country, but also frequently led those conversations. Each day through the end of the year, Androvett Legal Media & Marketing takes a look at the Top 10 Texas Legal Stories that shaped 2021.  


Mass Casualties at Astroworld Music Festival  

Outdoor music festivals were just starting to return to pre-pandemic interest levels when a living nightmare unfolded at Houston’s Astroworld Music Festival on November 5.  

Exuberant concertgoers rushed the stage for hometown hero Travis Scott, trapping pockets of the audience in a deadly crush. Security personnel appeared ill-equipped and unprepared and Mr. Scott – seemingly unaware of the unfolding mass-casualty disaster – continued to perform. Ten people died from injuries and many more were hospitalized.  

In the aftermath, questions swirled about whether organizers had done enough to ensure safety, as well as previous incidents in which Mr. Scott had encouraged rowdiness during performances. Hundreds of lawsuits are now filed against an array of defendants, from concert promoters to Mr. Scott himself. 

On December 22, the U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee announced that the lawmakers are investigating Live Nation’s role in the tragedy. The committee did not indicate plans to investigate any of the performers or other parties associated with the event. 

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10: First Case Against Accused Serial Murderer Ends in Mistrial 

9: Outrage Over Traffic Enforcement After Deaths of Cyclists on Texas Roadways 

8: ‘Stop the Steal’ Insurrectionists Included more than 60 Texans 

7: New Year, New Border Crisis 

6: Oil Rebounds While Investors Increasingly Eye Sustainable Deals  

5: Culture Wars, Critical Race Theory Go to School  

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