Top 10 Texas Legal News for 2019

Once again Androvett Legal Media & Marketing has compiled its list of the Top 10 Texas Legal News Stories of the year. From the debate over migrant detention to the legalization of hemp and CBD products to the upheaval of the state’s storied patent “rocket docket,” Texas was home to some of the nation’s most intriguing legal news of 2019 

“Selecting the Top 10 is never easy,” said Mike Androvett, founder and CEO of Androvett Legal Media & Marketing. “There is no question that Texas is at the forefront of national debate over everything from the border wall to gun control measures. But just as important are the local issues directly affecting the lives of Texans.” 

Highlighting the 2019 list are:  

  • Court battles have played out in the lawsuits against Austin-based InfoWars TV show host Alex Jones for promoting conspiracy theories claiming the horrific 2012 mass school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary never happened. Jones has lost some recent rulings. 
  • A new federal judge took the bench in Waco and immediately positioned the Western District as a challenger to the Eastern District’s stronghold on the patent litigation “rocket docket” title. 
  • Houston homeowners earn a federal court win against the Army Corps of Engineers over its management of the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs which resulted in catastrophic flooding during Hurricane Harvey. 
  • On death row for more than 20 years on a murky murder conviction, Rodney Reed was less than a week away from the death chamber when the state granted an indefinite stay of execution to consider new evidence. 

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