Texas Law Firm Caught Up in Alleged Insurance Scam

A San Antonio law firm has announced its decision to “significantly downsize” in the face of a proposed class action that claims the firm conspired with public adjusters, estimators and roofers to take advantage of consumers. That filing alleges that for several years the firm of Speights & Worrich has unlawfully used contractors in a door-to-door sales scheme, inducing homeowners with damaged roofs to file insurance claims with the promise of gaining additional payments from their insurance carriers. The lawsuit alleges that deductions taken by the lawyers and others involved often reduce the insurance payment to less than the amount needed to fix a homeowner’s roof or repair other damage.

It is gratifying to learn that this lawsuit is already making a positive difference by altering the practices of those who have preyed on and deceived thousands of Texas homeowners for many years, says Dallas attorney Mark Ticer. This litigation was filed to support transparency and accountability in the insurance claim process, and establish a legal precedent that will prevent conspirators and con artists from gaming that system. It is estimated that in 2016 more than 10,000 hail damage lawsuits will be filed in Texas, while litigation rates for hail damage insurance claims have jumped from 2 percent to nearly 40 percent in the past several years.

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